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Cardiovascular Disease

A Unified Theory of The Cause & Treatment

The  two-time unshared Nobel Prize recipient Linus Pauling  (1901 – 1994) and the German medical doctor Matthias Rath (born 1955) presented in 1989 a new theory of cardiovascular disease.

Heart disease is a manifestation of chronic scurvy, and atherosclerotic plaque is a mechanism evolved to repair or patch blood vessels and arteries damaged by chronic vitamin C deficiency.   Plaque deposits found in human aortas are made up of a blood lipid called lipoprotein(a).

The solution on this problem is simple. Vitamin C and and lysine in combination in high dosages neutralize lipoprotein(a). This treatment can prevent and cure cardiovascular and heart disease. This is a lecture by Linus Pauling from 1993.  It is commented by Patrick Holford. To watch the complete video you need to install the free Veoh Player.


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Rath M, Pauling L. Solution to the Puzzle of Human Cardiovascular Disease: Its Primary Cause is Ascorbate defiency, leading to the deposition of lipoprotein(a) and fibrinogen / fibrin in the vascular wall. J Orthomol Med 1991; 6 (3 & 4): 125-34.

Rath M, Pauling L. A unified theory of human cardiovascular disease leading the way to abolition of this disease as a cause for human mortality. J Orthomol Med 1992; 7 (1): 5-12.

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